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The Joie of Seating supports the United States Super Trucks
The United States Super Trucks is pleased to announce the support of Randy LaJoie and the Joie of Seating for all three Series of the United States Super Trucks in 2010. Each Series Champion in the National, Great Lakes, and South Series will be receiving a $350.00 Certificate off any Joie of Seating Product. We would like to thank Randy LaJoie and all the Staff at the Joie of Seating for their support.

Details About The Joie of Seating

Ten years ago, Randy LaJoie two-time Busch series champion had an idea that turned into a dream. LaJoie began manufacturing seats for race cars, and his company, The Joie of Seating - was started. Randy has come up with a stamped, molded aluminum seat that fits 95 percent of a driver’s body that he says, “has revolutionized the aluminum seat market.”

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